ZWL Daily Rates

August 19, 2019, 10:30 am
(ZWL transfer)
(ZWL interbank)
(ZWL cash)
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Please note these rates are quoted as a mid-rate. Dealers may be selling and buying 3-5% above or below this. Our rates are an indicative rate for an arm’s length transaction. from the perspective of the seller.

Note: Actual rates on the parallel market may differ to what we have quoted above. The parallel market is extremely volatile so please tread with caution. For official rates please consult the RBZ, or any other authorised foreign currency dealer.

Terms & Conditions

By viewing our website you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions:

ZWL365 as well as all members of our team do not participate in the parallel market. We do not trade in foreign currency or advise anyone to do so. We are a team that analyses the apparent parallel market within Zimbabwe. Our rates are to be used as a benchmark only should never be quoted as official rates. If you are looking for official rates please consult the RBZ or your registered bank. We have no involvement with the RBZ, banks or any bureau de change’s whatsoever.

ZWL356 provide insight into the parallel market through our various channels or research. Our daily quotes rates provide you with the most accurate version of a mid-rate within the parallel market space. Due to the seriousness in nature of our “rates” we go to great lengths to ensure that they are an accurate representation of what we, through our research, believe the mid-rate is. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy we will in no way be held responsible for any business decisions you make while using us as your reference rate.
*Consult your Bank or the RBZ for official rates